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Data Collection

Wonderflow is a global leader in the collection of public online feedback, guaranteeing up to 99% accuracy of the scraped data. The Wonderboard supports the integration of more than 200 data sources, collects public information from 130+ e-commerce websites, and allows for connection to internal tools such as Salesforce and Hubspot.

Data Analysis

The AI-driven Natural Language Processing technology can be customized to your specific needs. This allows your customer feedback program to scale effortlessly while maintaining the highest level of accuracy in your insights. The analysis highlights specific topics related to your business and customer satisfaction through performing sentiment and trend analysis.

Data Visualization

To ensure the highest quality analysis, the collected data is cleaned and unified into one standard, providing an easy-to-read overview of key insights. Wonderflow’s unique feedback model prepares the data to support multi-source feedback analysis and advanced duplication detection technology assures accurate, optimal information.

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